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In-house training

An in-house workshop is ideal for training groups and teams. They are the easiest way of training many delegates, making the most of your budget and reducing the need for costly delegate travel. They are:

  • Customised.
  • Flexible.
  • Focused.
  • Global.
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

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Specific ways in which in-house workshops are beneficial include:

  • Customised - Training exercises, and some content, can be customised to your industry, and your work related scenarios, allowing the learning experience to perform the dual task of problem-solving and training.
  • Flexible - You choose the location (worldwide), date and time of your events to suit your team’s diary. Put simply - we train what you want, when and where you want it. We'll even source the venue** for you through our range of venue partners.
  • Focused – If you’re looking to have a specific team or department trained, an in-house workshop provides a clarity of focus for teams and maximises the impact of the training delivered.
  • Global – We can deliver globally. We have consultants distributed worldwide. This gives you the option of either flying a preferred Indigo consultant in for continuity, or use one of our local* consultants that may be able to deliver in your local dialect.
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-efficient – By sending a consultant to your premises we eliminate the cost and environmental impact of all of your delegates travelling to our open programmes. We reduce the need for expensive off-site training rooms, meals and refreshments and minimise the time away from the office. As organisations become increasingly environmentally aware, this form of training helps to reduce the carbon footprint and drives down the incidental costs of your training events.

*A local consultant may not necessarily be based in your immediate territory.
** Talk to us about our turnkey solutions.

In-house training cost comparison

In-house workshops typically result in a 50% saving per delegate cost, when compared to our open workshops. 

For example: send a delegate to our open Six Thinking Hats® programme for £485+VAT, or have the same event delivered at your organisation for as little as £230+VAT per person. Prices quoted are based on 15 delegates per standard event, without tailoring of content.

Combine this with the benefits of a sharper focus on your organisational issues and flexibility on delivery dates, and this really becomes the obvious choice for training your teams, departments and whole organisation.

One-to-one coaching and speakers

Our worldwide network of experts are also available for one-to-one coaching or speaker engagements, whether delivering subject driven executive coaching or an illuminating session to a large group (in the room and/or remote). Talk to one of our consultants about your requirements.