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What we do

At Indigo’s Consulting Division, we work with clients to understand their strategy and needs to help them achieve and maintain competitive advantage by developing core capabilities. We provide bespoke development programmes, team development, facilitation and executive coaching.  Our programmes support business priorities as they are business focused and based on business needs. We help clients respond to changing business environments by providing them with the skills they need to effectively manage and deal with today’s business challenges.

We provide development programmes that are business-focused, flexible and fun, using practical, proven, globally recognised techniques. We use modular programmes to allow application of learning and achieve real behavioural change. Our programmes focus on developing the values and competencies of the organisation and use real business examples and situations so participants can easily apply their learning back in the workplace.

We work with individuals, teams and whole organisations. We work online, face-to-face or a blend of the two.


With individuals, our main focus is on improving self-awareness, making people aware of their own preferences, how they like to operate and the impact this has on others. We help people improve their personal effectiveness by developing their skills through personal development plans and specific training programmes. (e.g. time management, conflict management, influencing skills etc) We also provide one-to-one coaching to deal with specific situations.


We work with teams to maximise the potential through developing team effectiveness. We work on team preferences and understanding team dynamics. We help teams understand reasons for difficulties and/or conflict and how best to deal with these. We work with new team managers to help them make the transition from doing to managing, and also with experienced managers to help them get the best from their teams. We focus on the challenges associated with managing and the skills needed to be an excellent manager.


We work with new and experienced leaders within organisations to build their leadership skills and make them more effective. With new leaders, the main objective is to help them make the leap from managing to leading. With experienced leaders we focus on developing vision and strategy, as well as specific leadership skills. Our programmes include 360º feedback, one to one coaching, use of real business situations and opportunities to share learning with other leaders.

Our team

Our experienced team have proven success in senior business roles combined with excellent training and facilitation skills. They have “been there and done it” and so have a practical focus which helps them understand the challenges in business. They have worked in both the public and private sectors, as well as internationally.