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Speak – Write – Present

With The Communication Academy from Indigo

No matter what job you do, you will:

  • Speak to a customer.
  • Interact with colleagues.
  • Be caught on-the-spot by the boss.
  • Write emails.
  • Create business documents (report, web pages, etc.)
  • Present to a group of customers or an unknown audience.

All of these forms of verbal and written communication create an impression - which, when positive, provides you and your organisation with an inclusive environment and competitive advantage.

The Indigo Business Communication Academy improves verbal and written communication skills, specifically for business and personal success. Indigo Business Services has over 14 years’ experience in helping organisations, large and small, to develop and excel at communication.

Improving your communication skills: 

  • Verbal communication - The internationally renowned Think on Your Feet® programme provides proven ways to analyse, organise and present your ideas FAST. This is the complete verbal communication programme that is suitable for any level whether technical or non-technical. Find out more...
  • Presentation skills - The Skilled Presenter™ provides structured techniques to ensure you deliver polished presentations with impact, every time. Find out more... 
  • Written communication - use innovative techniques and select an appropriate writing strategy to increase the impact of your writing and manage your reader's attention. Find out more about Writing Dynamics™...

Developing your people:

  • Public workshops - We offer Think on Your Feet®, Writing Dynamics™ and The Skilled Presenter™ online and face-to-face in major UK cities. View public workshops calendar…
  • In-house courses - Our in-house courses are most cost effective for organisations with a group or team to train. We can deliver any of our popular workshops or create something that solves a specific business challenge, why not talk to us about your requirement? Enquire...
  • Developing a business communication programme - Our worldwide network of specialist trainers boast a broad range of skills across many industries. We work with you to develop a programme, or partner with other suppliers to ensure that your people get what they need to develop and implement new skills. Enquire...


An example of a programme we've developed:

A large financial services organisation wanted to improve the way their leadership team communicated with each other – wanting the whole team at the same level; understanding each other’s communication style; and finding ways to work with each other to the benefit of the organisation. 

We developed a one-day leadership programme that focussed on understanding personalities and how individuals need to be communicated; combining that with communication tools and techniques that add impact; influence; and conflict and resolution management.

The success of the delivery has meant the organisation is expanding the programme to senior and junior managers – with a plan to include a fundamentals of good communication module in their induction programme.