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Simulation Workshops

Wouldn't it be sensible to have some form of ‘driving lesson’ for those leading projects? After all, aircraft pilots have simulators for their 'big projects' – so why can't we have management simulators?

Indigo Simulations™ is our suite of project and programme focused management simulations that allow you, your team and even your whole organisation to practice your project management skills in a safe, web-based facilitated workshop.

What is a Simulation?

Simulated learning blends immersive 'virtual' gaming with face-to-face tuition to create a 'real-life' learning experience.

It's a business game version of reality, attendees practice in safety, and hone their skills in a realistic (but not real) environment. Mistakes here don’t cost your organisation anything or harm personal or business reputations. Request a demonstration...

A practical experience

  • A computer-based, realistic scenario, playing (and scored) against simulated characters, with their own personalities, beliefs and traits. These stakeholders play back at you, changing their behaviour, based on what you do (using Higher Order Artificial Intelligence). There’s a ‘perfect’ score, based on objectives and a 'perfect' outcome, with attendees assessed on how near the ‘perfect’ answer they get. 
  • All the teams play the same 'risk-free' scenario (a true ‘level playing field’) which you don’t get in the workplace, so attendees can really get a handle on which specific skills they need to improve, and get help with improving them from our highly-skilled facilitators who add-value and embed learning by sharing their real-life experiences.
  • The Simulation is based on Academic Research that models human behavioural systems and has high validity - attendees cannot ‘game’ the simulation or ‘fix’ the results.
  • We provide comprehensive and detailed feedback (from a skilled facilitator) on what went well and what could be done better, so attendee development is more focused on the skills required.
  • Attendees leave with a set of practical Excel® tools that can be used in real situations - on return to the workplace.
  • You get to practice the tools in the workshop so you can hit the ground running when you get back to the office.

Benefits of learning via Simulation

Learning through Simulation is unique and quantifiable, it's as close to real life as we could possibly make it. The scenarios will take your people out of their comfort zones and into the unknown - but they will still be required to manage their workloads; their stakeholders; their time; and deliver on time and budget. Request a demonstration...

Learning through Simulation takes your learning and development strategy to a new level. Offering your people another practical way to develop themselves without too much time in the office, or too much focus on theory.

Attendees leave with:

  • Enhanced stakeholder analysis management skills.
  • Situational (not theoretical) practice at assimilating and analysing information quickly and effectively.
  • Improved communication and team working skills.
  • The ability to organise information and track actions effectively.
  • An understanding of how to make better quality decisions under pressure.
  • Practice at dealing with ambiguity and making informed judgements.
  • An understanding of how pressure and ‘mindset’ affect our ability to listen effectively.

How and where do we do it?

  • Blended classroom learning - teams of 3 people sharing a computer screen, with internet access, typically 15 people to one facilitator; in-company, your choice of venue or at one of our preferred venues.
  • Virtual blended learning - typically 9 people in groups of 3, each team can be in a different location to each other and to the facilitator.
  • Request a demonstration...

Multi-lingual learning and development

We have a growing global network of facilitators with Simulations in English, however many of our facilitators are multi-lingual. Tools, templates and models can be tailored to incorporate your organisation's best-practice.