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Sponsoring Projects™

Confidently govern and control successful projects alongside your day job – and accelerate the pace of delivery.


As a sponsor or steering group you are accountable for delivering benefits at pace and maintaining organisational resilience. Your challenge is to make fast, smart decisions on resources and priorities. Then you can create the environment where project teams can deliver on time, on target and on budget. You will:

  • Achieve the best outcomes from your projects by understanding the language, techniques, frameworks and templates.
  • Develop the skills to take a benefits-led approach to choosing, sorting and prioritising your projects in line with strategy and resource constraints.
  • Understand models that help you build a change supportive culture.

Who Is It For?

C-Suite, senior managers, directors and those involved in sponsoring, resourcing, governing and controlling the delivery of projects, alongside their operational responsibilities.

What's It All About?

This workshop is for groups or teams within the same organisation who need to be strategically aligned to deliver the best results with the minimum outlay of time and resources. Attendees may previously have delivered their own projects and now need the next level. The workshop provides insights, tools and jargon-free language to maintain control and overall direction of their projects, keeping a high-level strategic position. The knowledge and skills developed will help accelerate the whole organisation’s ‘maturity’ in handling change through projects.

This process can be even further accelerated if your project teams have attended our Project Management Survival Guide™.

You and your organisation will gain experienced and unbiased feedback on your approach and how to tackle your challenges.

What Will You Get Out Of It?

You'll become a more effective sponsor of projects, with minimal impact on your day job. By:

  • Saving time, reducing stress and minimising conflict with your colleagues by using a balanced approach to risk.
  • Confidently dealing with issues, risks and constraints.
  • Being able to create an environment where on time, on budget delivery is the norm.

What Will Your Organisation Get Out Of It?

By investing in your project capability at all levels, proactively works towards minimising costly and time-consuming mistakes. 20% or more of your organisations resources may be utilised on project delivery, this workshop allows you to get the most out of this 20% without jeopardising business as usual. The people responsible for the sponsorship of projects need to be empowered with the correct support, knowledge, skills and tools to maximise on:

  • Projects that are delivered on time and on budget.
  • Improved team morale, through a reduction in stress and improved conflict management.
  • Improved ROI through better resource management and time saved through the use of the most effective tools and techniques - When combined with our other project management workshops.

Typical Workshop Content

  • Thought-provoking interactive case studies, team discussion and role-play are used throughout the workshop to develop thinking and embed learning.
  • Understand the strategic and operational context of projects and change.
  • Recognise the role of the project lifecycle and the benefits of standardising language, frameworks and templates across the business.
  • Explore how effective decisions are made by appreciating the different roles and responsibilities within a project.
  • Planning from the outset: using the business case; success criteria and factors; KPI’s; and effective tracking and reporting.
  • Shaping scope and ensuring effective change control and efficient resource management.
  • Appreciating the role of milestone planning, critical path analysis and risk management in the decision-making process with reference to the risk appetite.
  • Ensuring effective issue escalation and resolution.
  • Using stage/gate reviews to shape outcomes and drive quality solutions.
  • Understand the communication plan and its role in effective stakeholder management.
  • Understand benefits management and experience the technique of building a benefits linkage model.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Indigo Simulations: Sponsoring Projects™ can count towards your CPD recognition with leading professional body's and trade organisations. You can normally record your attendance in the 'organised learning' or 'self-learning' sections. Please check with your membership organisation for more information.

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In-House workshops

Our in-house delivery option gives you the flexibility to train teams, groups and departments. Also reducing delegate travel, training cost and environmental impact - as we train at your choice of location, in the UK or internationally. Options for tailoring content are available.

In-house workshops typically result in a 50% cost saving per delegate, when compared to our open public workshops. Prices quoted are based on 15 delegates per standard event.

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