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Training for trainers

If you are interested in rolling out our techniques to your whole organisation or clients, then by far the most cost effective way to do this is to become an 'Accredited Trainer'.

The Process

Accreditation is simple:

  • STEP 1 - Attend an Indigo public workshop in the technique you are learning. This is the first step that allows you to see the workshop as any other delegate would. You hear the common questions, objections and delegate feedback first hand. Most importantly though, you get to see a Master Trainer in action, delivering the workshop to the highest level.
  • STEP 2 – Attend the Trainer Accreditation Workshop. During this time you will learn every aspect of the techniques that you are learning. You will learn the very best way to deliver this training to maximise your delegates’ effectiveness with the tools, and develop your own delivery style.
  • STEP 3 – Stay in touch. When you become an accredited trainer, you become part of a global club. This club offers ongoing support and you are given an Indigo representative who will contact you regularly with updates and check on your progress with the techniques.

With a series of Accreditation programmes running throughout the year, training normally lasts between 3-5 days, depending on the subject. You will be taught by one of our Master Trainers, who have trained thousands of delegates to the very highest levels. 

Accreditation workshops

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