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Graduate Development

Our learning pathways are designed with the progression of people and their organisation in mind. Our primary aim is that your graduates learn, practise and perfect their skills for immediate impact in your business. Packed with practical learning experiences, these provide a valuable and distinct journey. Our vision is that no matter what location or role, the learning experience dramatically improves their skills and capabilities.

'Business-ready' Graduates

We have developed bespoke learning pathways for many different types of organisations around the world - delivered by our global team of consultants, your own company trainers or in association with your other learning providers. 

Graduate video

A well-developed pathway ensures your graduates learn the skills they require to survive in the modern workplace, making them 'business-ready'. They are flexible and built after investigating the real challenges you face with your graduates and those your graduates feel they face in your organisation. A typical customised Graduate Pathway is detailed below. You will see that it provides Essential and Advanced levels, focusing on the soft-skills that every graduate should have in their personal development skillset:

Our pathways are built in consultation with you. The example focuses on two competency levels:

  • Essential skills to ensure your graduates can communicate and interact confidently with all levels of internal and external stakeholders, as well as working collaboratively and understanding effective decision making.
  • Advanced skills, dependent on the requirements of their role, focusing on specific tools and techniques required to increase their contribution. The example shows how we can develop cross-level programmes focusing on collaboration when idea generating, problem-solving and introducing influencing and negotiation into relationship management.

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