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Our time-friendly sessions are typically 45 minutes long and have been specifically created to help you:

  • Explore - We’ll take you on a whistle-stop tour of the workshop or subject and delve into some of the challenges you’ll be facing today and some hints and tips to help prevent or solve them.
  • Implement - We’ll often deliver one of the exercises from the workshop, giving you something useful that you can actually use back at work.
  • Evaluate - You can ask questions about the challenge or product to find out more about how the workshop can help you and your organisation.

Online workshop demos coming up:

These are not online training courses, these events will provide you with an overview of the product, how we deliver it online and some hints and tips - from our most popular workshops - from the comfort of your desk. You'll have the opportunity to hear one of our trainers in action, see some of the material and ask questions. 

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Six Thinking Hats®

Halve meeting times, double their effectiveness and reach group consensus.

12 September 2024 (1115-1200 Zoom)



Lateral Thinking

Empower your people to challenge current thinking, solve problems and generate new ideas.

7 October 2024 (1515-1600) Zoom



Think on Your Feet®

Speak spontaneously with clarity and impact when under pressure in a wide range of formal, informal and ad-hoc situations.

23 July 2024 (1000-1045 Zoom)

12 September 2024 (1000-1045 Zoom)



Writing Dynamics™

Targets your written communication skills, no matter what industry or level of seniority.

23 July 2024 (1115-1200 Zoom)

7 October 2024 (1400-1445) Zoom


Who attends?

From someone looking to develop themselves to senior managers and training professionals wanting to ensure they choose the right supplier for group or team development - in any size organisation and any sector. 

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