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Writing Dynamics™

Increase your productivity by writing effectively and efficiently. Writing Dynamics™, developed by award-winning professional writers*, targets the improvement of a business professional's written communication skills - no matter what industry or level of seniority.


How many letters, mailshots or e-mails do you read completely? Less than half? So what makes you think people are reading yours? This business writing workshop provides a complete, systematic approach to the writing process. From reports to website copy, this workshop gives you high-quality writing skills and time-saving techniques. You will:

  • Develop a proven complete, systematic approach to writing for business - usable when writing any form of business communication.
  • Produce messages that are readable; gain attention; understood and remembered.
  • Save time; prevent writer's block; and increase productivity and creativity through writing effectively and efficiently.

Maximise your training budget

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"Writing Dynamics is the only training programme I have ever attended that I use on a daily basis. Every email, report and written communication that I prepare is influenced by the skills I learned. I cannot recommend this course highly enough, you will learn how to take the fear from your writing." - UK NHS Practitioner

Who is it for?

No matter what level or industry you'll need to write. Previous attendees of Writing Dynamics™ have written a wide variety of technical and non-technical business documents for physical and online use, including: 

Correspondence Manuals and
instruction guides
Sales and marketing Formal and Informal
Reports and summaries
Briefings Procedural Audio/Visual presentations Annual audits/reports
Contracts Product inserts Biographies Board reports
Electronic invitations Reference guides Brochures Business plans
Emails Service manuals Business profiles Business proposals/RFPs
Letters Standards of practice Media/Press releases Policies/Procedures
Memos Technical fact sheets Newsletters Risk analyses
  Training materials Press kits Vision and mission statements
    Social media/Blogs/Website copy  

Is it suitable for leaders?

People judge you by your writing. Good writing is a leadership and life skill. As well as writing (and speaking) well, leaders need to lead and influence by example; be clear and concise; get to the point, without being rude; as well as avoiding basic mistakes.

What's it all about?

This practical two-day business writing workshop teaches participants the secrets of how to achieve written skills of the highest quality while saving time by following a special system developed and used by writers.*

The workshop shows how to increase the impact of the written word through selecting an appropriate writing strategy, managing the reader’s attention and using innovative techniques to highlight the benefits of the subject for the reader. The three-stage writing system helps you to PLAN using creative and structured thinking, DRAFT in record time and EDIT for impact.




De-stress the process and save time: Build speed, focus and confidence:  Use The Editors Six Obsessions™ to get results:

Brainstorm your subject matter and organise your ideas quickly.

Eliminate writer's block.

Increase productivity with structured thinking to avoid confusion.

Construct persuasive messages to engage your audience.

Tailor your content and tone to grab your reader's attention.

Effectively format documents for maximum impact.

Avoid devastating and costly mistakes.

Determine the optimal sequence for what you need to say. Making the best impression and driving success.

Ensure consistent quality, build credibility and maintain professionalism.

*The workshop was designed by award-winning writer and designer Roger Davies. It is based on 35 years of experience in writing books, editing professional magazines, scripting articles and marketing brochures. Roger Davies is also co-author of the internationally-acclaimed Think On Your Feet® communications workshop.

What will you get out of it?

Writing Dynamics™ shows you how to:

  • Get your reader’s attention.
  • Ensure your key messages are understood.
  • Save you and your reader time.

This workshop revolves around practice, coaching and feedback:
  • We'll break down the theory that you'll cover by getting you to write throughout the workshop - putting theory into practice. 
  • You'll learn (and learn how much time to spend on) how to think about and plan your writing - by doing!
  • You'll then draft your document - without fear of mistakes, grammatical errors or how the document looks.
  • Finally, you'll learn how to professionally edit your document with real-time feedback.
  • We'll also openly discuss some of the issues and fears you have when writing. The trainer will then offer suggestions and solutions to solve these writing challenges.

Come prepared with:

  • Examples of documents which you have written (printed and double-spaced).
  • Issues you confront when writing.
  • Specific types of document that you need to present clearly.

You'll also get the most comprehensive workbook and tool-kit on the market. 

What will your organisation get out of it?

Increased productivity:

  • Faster writing
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency.

A positive reputation:

  • Consistent quality from internal and external correspondence.
  • Raised levels of writing standards in the organisation.
  • Increased morale - people often hate writing, you are investing in training and development that gives them practical workplace skills.
Disaster prevention:
  • Avoid costly errors.
  • Eliminate delayed response time in critical situations.
Efficient and effective teams:
  • Working from the same system and to the same standard.
  • Able to help each other out.
  • Able to edit other's documents.

Typical workshop outline

Workshop open and introduction

  • Learning the three-stages of our 'tried and tested' system.
  • Applying The Five-Step Writing Process™ to all forms of writing.
  • Using our tips to save time and improve quality.

Stage 1: Planning to save time and improve quality

  • Clustering and brainstorming to get you started.
  • Sequencing your ideas by 'outlining'.
  • Choosing a structure to persuade your reader.

Stage 2: Drafting to prevent writer's block and save time

  • Managing your time.
  • Drafting quickly and easily.
  • Structuring your draft into sentences and paragraphs.

Stage 3: Editing to get and keep the reader's attention

  • Becoming your own editor.
  • Applying the Editor's Six Obsessions™ for professional results.
  • Using the One-Minute Editor™ for quick quality checks.
  • Managing text for clarity, impact and persuasion.
  • Applying the axe for simple, clear results.
  • Creating energy to get your reader's attention.
  • Adding movement to your message.
  • Giving your text visual impact.
  • Telegramming for sharper focus and key messaging.

Stage 4: Personal feedback

    • In addition to these modules, each participant will benefit from direct, personal feedback on their own writing. We ask each participant to bring along samples of their own writing for review, evaluation and advice.
"I am answering the questions raised at our conference a few weeks ago, I am using 'grouping' and 'general to specific' in my responses. I am editing passive statements. Where it was apparent to me that I had learned something new was when I sent my first email to my proof-reader and he came back with no changes. This has never happened before. Hope you can sense my excitement from my email. I am on a roll." - Transformation Team, Financial Services

Workshop requirements

There is no pre-course work. You'll need an idea for a document that you need to write, which should be no longer than 1-2 pages - you should know all the necessary content to write this. You will plan and draft this document during the workshop.

And at least one recent document you have written (1-2 pages long), which you will edit during the workshop. It's beneficial to bring two or three such documents to allow the trainer to select the most suitable for your learning. We suggest bringing items like long letters, emails and reports. We advise against bringing ‘meeting minutes’ or documents that have been previously edited or written by someone else. We'll let you know what format to bring these documents in on your joining instructions.

Duration, delivery methods and languages available

Indigo is proud to be an official licensed provider of Writing Dynamics™. It is a practical two-day workshop that is available as:

Delivery can be split into multiple days/sessions.

Writing Dynamics™ can also be combined with your existing programmes to ensure you provide the best training to ensure the most efficient verbal communication from your people.

"I just wanted to say how successful I found last week's course. I had wanted face-to-face, but eventually relented for an online version. The experience was fantastic. The breakout rooms have a feeling of 'intimacy' I imagined only possible with a face-to-face course. Well done indigo, and thank you!" - Consultancy Director attending Writing Dynamics™ Online Workshop

Training for trainers

Accrediting your own trainers is the most cost-effective way to offer Writing Dynamics™ within your organisation. After attending the workshop as a delegate, you or your in-house trainers will be taught by some of Indigo’s globally recognised Master Trainers, who have been specially authorised to train these programmes to other trainers, to the highest standard. Once successful, you will be authorised to dovetail our award-winning programmes into your organisations training plans, at a fraction of the normal cost.

Indigo Business Services is proud to be a:

Office UK Distributor

Official UK Distributor

Indigo Business Services Limited are exclusive UK Distributor for Think on Your Feet® International and McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc. Our trainers are all licenced to deliver using original licenced materials. Read more in our press release: Indigo Business Services Named Exclusive UK Distributor for Think on Your Feet®

"As soon as you move one step up your company hierarchy, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken or written word." - Peter Drucker

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Writing Dynamics™ can count towards your CPD recognition with leading professional bodies and trade organisations. You can normally record your attendance in the 'organised learning' or 'self-learning' sections. Please check with your membership organisation for more information.

In addition to this, Writing Dynamics™ qualifies for Personal Development Units (PDUs) towards your PMP:

Registered by Mcluhan & Davies Communications inc. Code 3785. Professional development units per workshop: 13 units - PMP®/PgMP

*Indigo Business Services Ltd are authorised distributors for McLuhan & Davies Communications inc

Additional resources

Public workshops

See all workshop dates

Our most popular workshops are open to all and are ideal for individuals, smaller groups and those reviewing workshops before wider roll out. Delivered to small groups: 

  • Face-to-face in major cities thoughtout the UK - provide the best in-depth and exercise-packed experience. They are delivered between 9am and 5pm. Our venues are all located close to major public transport hubs. Delegates will receive a printed workbook and peripherals. 

    We are determined to work with public workshop venues that provide the safest possible environment – the latest updates to what we are doing in conjunction with our partners can be found at:
  • Online - highly interactive online modular delivery. We deliver using Zoom (free to download and use at and Microsoft Teams. You will require access to a PC/Mac/tablet and internet connection, you will require a webcam, speakers/headphones and to enable your microphone, or you can simply dial in on your phone.

    The format will be similar to face-to-face classroom workshops, we always cover a core programme. It is delivered using interactive group learning sessions, lots of practice, group and individual feedback and 1-2-1 trainer coaching. We combine this with screen and document sharing, polls, interactive whiteboards and breakout rooms. Delegates are given 36 months access to an online workbook that can be used interactively and downloaded to a portable device. Printed workbooks are available at additional cost. 

You can reserve a place on this workshop at up to £875pp + VAT.

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In-House workshops

Our in-house delivery option gives you the flexibility to train teams, groups and departments. Reducing delegate travel, training cost (significant saving when compared to our open public workshops) and environmental impact - as we train at your choice of location or online, in the UK or internationally. Options for tailoring content are available.

Prices quoted are based on 12 delegates per event, we can accommodate up to 20 delegates for an additional fee:

  • Face-to-face classroom workshops - delegates receive a printed workbook/materials.
  • Virtual learning sessions - delivered as highly interactive modular sessions using our Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex platforms or your own. Virtual workshops require access to a PC/Mac/tablet and internet connection, a webcam, speakers/headphones and enabled microphone, or attendees can simply dial in on their phone.

    The format will be similar to face-to-face classroom workshops, we always cover a core programme. It is delivered using interactive group learning sessions, lots of practice, group and individual feedback and 1-2-1 trainer coaching. We combine this with screen and document sharing, polls, interactive whiteboards and breakout rooms. Delegates are given 36 months access to an online workbook that can be used interactively and downloaded to a portable device. Printed workbooks are available at additional cost. 

Delegate places are available at from £575pp + VAT.

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