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Writing Dynamics™

Increase your productivity by writing effectively and efficiently. Writing Dynamics™, developed by award-winning professional writers*, targets the improvement of a business professional's written communication skills - no matter what industry or level of seniority.


How many letters, mailshots or e-mails do you read completely? Less than half? So what makes you think people are reading yours? This business writing workshop provides a complete, systematic approach to the writing process. From reports to website copy, this workshop gives you high-quality writing skills and time-saving techniques. You will:

  • Develop a proven complete, systematic approach to writing for business - usable when writing any form of business communication.
  • Produce messages that gain attention; are understood; and readable.
  • Save time; prevent writer's block; and increase productivity and creativity through writing effectively and efficiently.

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"I am using them every day. Especially the Flesh-Kincaid grade level, I use it on all my emails and documents. Love it, love it, love it." - Transformation Team, Financial Services

Workshop overview

This practical two-day business writing workshop teaches participants the secrets of how to achieve written skills of the highest quality while saving time by following a special system developed and used by writers.*

The workshop shows how to increase the impact of the written word through selecting an appropriate writing strategy, managing the reader’s attention and using innovative techniques to highlight the benefits of the subject for the reader.

The core programme revolves around practice, coaching and feedback. Come prepared with:

  • Examples of documents which you have written.
  • Issues you confront when writing.
  • Specific types of document that they need to present clearly.

*The workshop was designed by award-winning writer and designer Roger Davies. It is based on 30 years experience in writing books, editing professional magazines, scripting articles and marketing brochures. Roger Davies is also co-author of the internationally-acclaimed Think On Your Feet® communications workshop.

Workshop benefits

Writing Dynamics™ shows you how to:

  • Get your reader’s attention.
  • Ensure your key messages are understood.
  • Save you and your reader time.

Our three-stage writing system helps you PLAN using creative and structured thinking, DRAFT in record time and EDIT for impact.

Correspondence Manuals Sales and marketing Reports and summaries
Email Reference guides Presentations Formal and informal
Faxes  Service manuals Brochures Annual
Letters Technical fact sheets Promotional texts Business proposals
Memos Training materials Business profiles Risk analyses
  Standards of practice Media releases Vision and mission statements

Workshop outline


  • Learning the three-stages of our 'tried and tested' system.
  • Applying The Five-Step Writing Process™ to all forms of writing.
  • Using our tips to save time and improve quality.

Stage 1: Planning to save time and improve quality

  • Clustering and brainstorming to get you started.
  • Sequencing your ideas by 'outlining'.
  • Choosing a structure to persuade your reader.

Stage 2: Drafting to prevent writer's block and save time

  • Managing your time.
  • Drafting quickly and easily.
  • Structuring your draft into sentences and paragraphs.

Stage 3: Editing to get and keep the reader's attention

  • Becoming your own editor.
  • Applying the Editor's Six Obsessions™ for professional results.
  • Using the One-Minute Editor™ for quick quality checks.
  • Managing text for clarity, impact and persuasion.
  • Applying the axe for simple, clear results.
  • Creating energy to get your reader's attention.
  • Adding movement to your message.
  • Giving your text visual impact.
  • Telegramming for sharper focus and key messaging.

Stage 4: Personal feedback

    • In addition to these modules, each participant will benefit from direct, personal feedback on their own writing. We ask each participant to bring along samples of their own writing for review, evaluation and advice.
"I am answering the questions raised at our conference a few weeks ago, I am using 'grouping' and 'general to specific' in my responses. I am editing passive statements. Where it was apparent to me that I had learned something new was when I sent my first email to my proof-reader and he came back with no changes. This has never happened before. Hope you can sense my excitement from my email. I am on a roll." - Transformation Team, Financial Services

Workshop requirements

There is no pre-course work. However, to improve your learning opportunities, please bring along at least one recent document written by you (ideally three copies, double spaced for editing). Bringing two or three such documents will help the trainer choose the most appropriate to help you learn. The document can be anything written (letter, e-mail, report, memo etc).

Who should attend?

Participants who attend our workshop write a wide variety of technical and non-technical documents. 

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Writing Dynamics™ can count towards your CPD recognition with leading professional bodies and trade organisations. You can normally record your attendance in the 'organised learning' or 'self-learning' sections. Please check with your membership organisation for more information.

In addition to this, Writing Dynamics™ qualifies for Personal Development Units (PDUs) towards your PMP:

Registered by Mcluhan & Davies Communications inc. Code 3785. Professional development units per workshop: 13 units - PMP®/PgMP

*Indigo Business Services Ltd are authorised distributors for McLuhan & Davies Communications inc

Additional resources

"As soon as you move one step up your company hierarchy, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken or written word." - Peter Drucker

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