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de Bono's Six Value Medals™

You hear it all the time - What is our value proposition? How do we add value? What if you could count on employees to sort options using a commonly understood framework that would increase the value of the organisation at every turn - for customers, employees, stakeholders, the community, and more?

Workshop overview

Too often, organisations cannot articulate the basis for their decisions. As a result, they may fail to notice and resolve conflicts in values that have a negative impact on:

  • employees,
  • the organisation,
  • clients,
  • community relationships and more.

Until now there has not been a concrete way to assess the impact that a decision may have on our attempts to create and protect value. When employees can scan, identify and prioritise values, they become vital partners in growing your business.

Dr de Bono's Six Value Medals™ workshops look at these issues and provide practical step-by-step proven solutions, considering each of the 'Value Medals'.

  • Gold Medal: Gold is precious, and so are people. The gold medal asks, what matters to the people? Human values include pride, achievement, a sense of belonging, hope, trust, and growth.
  • Silver Medal: Silver impacts the organisation. What matters to the organisation? What are our goals as a company and how will a prospective action help us or hinder us in pursuit of these goals.
  • Steel Medal: Steel must be as strong as possible. The steel medal asks what are the implications for quality? How will the decision at hand impact the quality of what we do?
  • Glass Medal: Glass can take the shape of many functional, often beautiful and colourful objects. The glass medal covers change, innovation, simplicity and creativity.
  • Wood Medal: Wood spotlights ecology values in the broadest sense. Is there a positive or negative impact on the environment if we take this road?
  • Brass Medal: Brass looks like gold but is not. Brass medal values examine appearances and perception. How will this action be interpreted?

Workshop benefits

The skills taught in Six Value Medals™ help people quickly but thoroughly scan for values, prioritise which values are the most important to pursue, and then ensure that top values are addressed and maximised every step of the way.

Workshop objectives

To learn and focus on the most important value-added options within an organisation, which maximise returns for all stakeholders.

Workshop outline

During the workshop, you will learn and ‘practice, practice, practice’ the six core Value Medal Tools, based around the:

  • Gold Medal.
  • Silver Medal.
  • Steel Medal.
  • Glass Medal.
  • Wood Medal.
  • Brass Medal.

Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for all business people who wish to improve thinking skills, decision-making and problem-solving. It will be especially beneficial to the following groups:

  • Managers and executives who require greater levels of innovation and creativity.
  • Project/Strategy teams.
  • Departmental managers and their teams.
  • Individual contributors and teams working in highly competitive or changing environments.

In-House workshops

Our in-house delivery option gives you the flexibility to train teams, groups and departments. Also reducing delegate travel, training cost and environmental impact - as we train at your choice of location, in the UK or internationally. Options for tailoring content are available.

In-house workshops typically result in a 50% cost saving per delegate, when compared to our open public workshops. Prices quoted are based on 15 delegates per standard event.

Delegate places are available at from £230pp + VAT.

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