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The Skilled Presenter™

Deliver knockout presentations every time, The Skilled Presenter™ examines how to deliver a presentation. Focusing on how listeners perceive the speaker, and introducing reliable techniques that professional speakers use to prepare and deliver presentations.


Successful business presentations don't happen by accident. They are the result of careful planning, using the right techniques and practice. The Skilled Presenter™ provides structured techniques to ensure you deliver polished presentations with impact, every time. With The Skilled Presenter™, you will be able to:

  • Craft content and position your ideas.
  • Overcome stress, field questions and maintain control.
  • Learn the most powerful forms of persuasion to achieve impact. 
  • Practise your presentation skills in a safe environment by delivering stand-up presentations, and receiving feedback from the instructor and other participants.

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The business presentation challenge and solution

It is said that people are more afraid of speaking in public than practically anything else. You may be an expert in your field and know your products well, but how do you put this together This two-day workshop will give you the tools and techniques to reclaim your confidence and banish these fears. You will record your presentations in the workshop (for your eyes only) to:

  • See yourself in action - there is no better self-reflection tool than a video.
  • Identify areas that need enhancement - and revisit them with support from the most comprehensive workbook and toolkit on the market.
  • Realise your progression through the workshop - a great confidence booster.

Who is it for?

No matter what role or level of seniority, this workshop is suitable for anyone who gives presentations to small or large groups - occasionally or regularly - senior teams to customer groups. The types of presentations our attendees have to give are:

  • Formal presentations, sales pitches, corporate social functions, learning and development requirements and briefings.
  • Meetings, one-to-one meetings, interviews, AGMs, Q&A and employee presentations.
  • Conferences, public speaking engagements, trade shows and events.
  • Conference calls, videos/virtual conferencing, webinars, corporate social media videos, press and radio interviews and media productions.
"Excellent - My confidence has improved massively and I will definitely use the tools I have learnt." Business Support Manager, NHS

What's it all about?

The Skilled Presenter™ workshop examines how to deliver a presentation. We focus on how listeners perceive YOU (the speaker) and introduce reliable techniques that professional speakers use to prepare and deliver presentations.

Attendees will:

  • Learn all the tools and knowledge they need to be able to confidently deliver stand-up presentations.
  • Improve their delivery style and technique through immediate feedback from other attendees and the instructor.
  • Take away a comprehensive workbook to use as a reference guide after the workshop.
  • Take away a recording of the presentations delivered. 
  • You will receive plenty of practice and hear evaluations about your delivery from our instructor and other participants.

The workshop focuses on three key areas of presenting:

Engaging your audience Crafting your content Performing with impact
  • Field questions with confidence.
  • Understand and address listeners' needs.
  • Involve your audience and keep their interest with captivating focus group techniques.
  • Anticipate audience concerns with our proprietary 7 Questions Game™.
  • Determine the optimal sequence and structure of information to make the best impression.
  • Learn the do's and don'ts of effective and appropriate visual aids.
  • Gauge your readiness with our Confidence Test and overcome nerves with professional techniques.
  • Support your message with the right body language, eye contact and voice projection.
  • Know what to do when your technology fails.

"Really good; wasn't looking forward to it - had great facilitation and great supportive group." Learning and Development Manager, Financial Services.

What will you get out of it?

You'll stand apart among colleagues and competitors through:
  • Practise - having planned and prepared, you will ‘practise, practise, practise' your own presentations.
  • Confidence - practical and proven exercises give you the confidence to use your gestures, stance and voice to maximum effect - get your message heard! You'll also be able to persuade your audience using the right visual aids and performance style.
  • Feedback - from the trainer and your workshop colleagues. Also, your personal recording allows you to self-reflect, see your improvements, tweak and hone your skills. The perfect assistance tool helping on-going self-assessment in a safe environment.

What's will your organisation get out of it?

  • The company message is conveyed positively and successfully.
  • You'll be an organisation that raises the bar for an expert calibre of presentations.
  • Well planned and thought-out presentations often avoid reputational damage.
  • Invest in your people and the evolve from subject matter experts into The Skilled Presenter™.

Typical workshop content

With the Skilled Presenter, you will learn how to:

  • Position your ideas for your audience's core concerns.
  • Ways to involve your audience.
  • Techniques to overcome nervousness.
  • How to practice.
  • Craft your content.
  • Use language your listeners will understand.
  • Eye contact: the most powerful persuader.
  • Gestures, stance and movement.
  • Using humour.
  • Fielding questions.
  • Trends in visual aids.

Official UK Distributor

Indigo Business Services Limited are exclusive UK Distributor for Think on Your Feet® International and McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc. Our trainers are all licenced to deliver using original licenced materials. Read more in our press release: Indigo Business Services Named Exclusive UK Distributor for Think on Your Feet®

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The Skilled Presenter™ can count towards your CPD recognition with leading professional bodies or trade organisations. You can normally record your attendance in the 'organised learning' or 'self-learning' sections. Please check with your membership organisation for more information.

In addition to this, The Skilled Presenter™ qualifies for Personal Development Units (PDUs) towards your PMP:

Registered by Mcluhan & Davies Communications inc. Code 3785. Professional development units per workshop: 13 units - PMP®/PgMP

*Indigo Business Services Ltd are authorised distributors for McLuhan & Davies Communications inc

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