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The Structured Interview Masterclass™

Make objective recruitment and selection decisions by enhancing existing interview skills.


Select, interview and recruit the right candidate every time with a practical approach. Enhance existing interview skills and save time when recruiting by:

  • Developing and implementing techniques to make objective recruitment and selection decisions.
  • Adopting and practicing a competency based approach.
  • Turning theory into practice.

Who Is It For?

Manager or decision-makers with less exposure to interviewing, but who are likely to be involved in the final stages of the selection process. Anyone:

  • Interviewing, having never been formally trained.
  • With experience in interviewing who wants to take this skill a step further.
  • Responsible for developing an interview strategy.

What’s It All About?

With financial pressures on business and the economy as a whole, the need to select and recruit the best high performing individuals has become core to any business's success, yet the recruitment and selection of staff is still a major investment for any organisation.

This event provides participants with the techniques to make objective recruitment and selection decisions and highlights the key points of best practice as well as enhancing existing interview skills. Focusing on the 'competency based approach', this event will highlight the methods that can be used to ensure you hire the right person quickly and efficiently.

What Will You Get Out Of It?

This workshop has been specifically developed for managers and leaders who need to plan, conduct and manage successful interviews. It:

  • Reduces recruitment costs and time.
  • Provides you with the tools to identify high-performing people.
  • Removes the risks of taking a gut feel approach.
  • Eliminates vague hypothetical responses and veneer from candidates.
  • Ensures you evaluate and measure technical and interpersonal capabilities.
  • Maximises the potential for successful selection and retention.

Typical Workshop Content

It includes a mix of discussion and practical exercises. Participants will receive plenty of opportunity to practice and hone their skills, whilst receiving constructive feedback.

  • Investigating and understanding traditional methods and the competency based approach.
  • How to use competencies in successful Competency Based Interviewing (CBI).
  • The Structured Competency Based Interview Model.
  • Identifying role requirements and integrating data from multiple sources.
  • Design of effective CBI questions.
  • How to conduct a CBI session and manage the interview process.
  • Turning theory into practice.
  • Designing the interview script.
  • Awareness of potential pitfalls for interviewers.
  • Tools to gain more candidate knowledge:
    • Effective Assessment Centres.
    • Introduction to Psychometrics - applications and practical use.
  • Appreciation of ethical interviewing.
  • Candidate feedback - best practice.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The Structured Interview Masterclass™ can count towards your CPD recognition with leading professional body's or trade organisation's. You can normally record your attendance in the 'organised learning' or 'self-learning' sections. Please check with your membership organisation for more information.

In-House workshops

Our in-house delivery option gives you the flexibility to train teams, groups and departments. Also reducing delegate travel, training cost and environmental impact - as we train at your choice of location, in the UK or internationally. Options for tailoring content are available.

In-house workshops typically result in a 50% cost saving per delegate, when compared to our open public workshops. Prices quoted are based on 15 delegates per standard event.

Delegate places are available at from £250pp + VAT.

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