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de Bono's Course in Creativity™

Enhance communication skills, generate more creative ideas, reduce conflict, and improve team results with the de Bono Course in Creativity™. It combines two time-tested, results driven methodologies created by Dr Edward de Bono, the Six Thinking Hats® and Lateral Thinking™.


The de Bono Course in Creativity™ combines two time-tested, results driven methodologies created by Dr Edward de Bono, the Six Thinking Hats® and Lateral Thinking™. As a result of learning the tools in these systems, participants will improve team results and organisation productivity by:

  • Enhancing their communication skills.
  • Generating more creative ideas and solving challenging problems.
  • Reducing conflict and generating consensus in decision-making.

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"We need creativity in order to break free from the temporary structures that have been set up by a particular sequence of experience" - Edward de Bono.

Who is it for?

Directors, HR Leaders, Department Managers, Head of Departments, Supervisors and anyone responsible for bringing effective change and innovation into their organisation.

What's it all about?

Too few organisations have strategies in place for innovation, yet all leaders need to think much more creatively and innovatively, especially during downturns or periods of change. The Course in Creativity™ provides the structure and tools to help leaders and organisations overcome these challenges. This workshop combines two of Dr. Edward de Bono's world renowned creative thinking, idea generation and problem-solving techniques to provide you with the masterclass you need to:

  • Empower you, or your people, to challenge current thinking, solve problems and generate new ideas.
  • Transform thinking and communication through effective decision-making and evaluation techniques.

What will you get out of it?

With the de Bono Course in Creativity™, you will learn how to anticipate change and discover systematic ways to design a more effective future. During this intensive three-day workshop, you will learn to:

  • Challenge the status quo.
  • Make a habit of searching for creative ideas.
  • Set priorities and create objectives in alignment with these priorities.
  • Learn how to move from concepts, to ideas and to tangible outcomes.
  • Make decisions and identify the required resources.
  • Learn to implement initiatives with quality, speed, respect and value.
  • Execute work plans on time and within budget.
  • Optimise resources.
  • Be accountable for results.

What will your organisation get out of it?

An organisation with people who have developed the skills learned in the Course in Creativity™ will be able to develop competitive advantage through the effective generation and evaluation of ideas - when creative thinking or problem-solving. The processes that can be learned and combined to be able to effectively:

  • Challenge current thinking constructively.
  • Identify and solve problems with more/better ideas - giving immediate results.
  • Increase the effectiveness of idea generation sessions and meetings - saving time and money.
  • Look at decisions and problems systematically.
  • Reduce conflict and gain consensus when making decisions.

Typical workshop outline

The Course in Creativity™ combines the results driven Six Thinking Hats® and Lateral Thinking™. These systems will enhance participant's  communication skills, idea generation, ways to reduce conflict, and improve team results. You will learn to:

  • Manage the process of thinking with increased efficiency.
  • Think in parallel with one another, which keeps egos in check and encourages the contributions of each individual.
  • Organise and lead effective meetings, helping to "out-think" the competition.
  • Dramatically increase your number of new ideas.
  • Anticipate changes, helping you prepare for the future.
  • Use alternatives to harness the creative energy of the organisation.
  • Rigorously evaluate ideas, eliminating costly mistakes.
  • Execute work plans on time and within budget, saving you and your clients time and money.


  • DuPont benchmarked every creativity process on the market for its Creativity Centre. Dr. David Tanner, former Technical Director of DuPont, says, "the de Bono techniques were the most useful". An employee's suggestion for re-engineering the manufacturing process for Kevlar eliminated  steps in the manufacturing process as a result of using de Bono techniques. It saved DuPont in excess of £20 million!

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Edward de Bono's Course in Creativity® can count towards your CPD recognition with leading professional associations and trade organisations. You can normally record your attendance in the 'organised learning' or 'self-learning' sections. Please check with your membership organisation for more information.

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