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Rapid Reading™

Speed through business documents – rapidly identify, extract and remember the information you need.


We all face the challenge of business reports that remain unread, emails that don’t get dealt with, time-sensitive documents that don’t get the attention they deserve and books on the shelf, filled with useful information, left in place for years, pristine and untouched.

Becoming a ‘rapid’ reader will ensure you avoid information overload and are able to:

  • Read quickly and save time.
  • Absorb key messages.
  • Remember and confidently recall key information.

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Who is it for?

Anyone, no matter what level, with large quantities of business information to read and understand – who, as a direct result, are experiencing information overload.

You will learn tools to read a huge range of materials much faster:

  • Essential company documentation (Managers/Administrators/Compliance/Legal).
  • Reading proposals (Sales/Marketing/PR/Advertising).
  • Reading articles (Managers/Students).
  • Reading books (Business/Studying/Pleasure).
  • Reading policy documents (Managers/HR/Legal).
  • Screen reading (all company employees).
"One of the best workshops I've been on. Incredibly informative, definitely works in practice – you can see it working, taking effect and getting better. The best part to this workshop is the explanation of why the techniques works – this really helped learning." - Financial Services

What's it all about?

You will learn a variety of tools and techniques that will help you deal with the overwhelming amount of information you receive today – potentially trebling your reading speed.

Using your own work-based documents or books, you will learn the difference between passive reading and active reading, exploring how active reading can improve speed, focus and concentration. Within a day, you should double your words per minute but with similar levels of comprehension.

The average document contains approximately 20% of content that is relevant to your objectives. There are some very simple tools to draw out that content rapidly. These tools teach you to:

  • Summarise a book or document in 20 minutes.
  • Use skimming and scanning techniques to evaluate and identify the content that is critical to you.
  • Read text in detail, faster and with better comprehension (within a day you will be doubling and potentially trebling your reading speeds).
  • Understand the nature of memory and help you memorise the information you want and need to retain.

What will you get out of it?

This highly practical workshop teaches you the fundamental skills to read faster and more effectively:

  • Saving time and reducing wasted effort.
  • Enhancing confidence – which comes from being as well-informed as you can be.
  • Reducing stress – information overload is a cause of this.
  • Free up more time for thinking, planning and doing.

What will your organisation get out of it?

  • Employees with more time.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased staff effectiveness (enhanced knowledge and skills).

What delegates need to bring to the workshop

To practice the techniques and get the most out of the workshop, delegates will need to bring a business book or work-related document with them.

Business/personal development book:

  • Not a novel.

Work-related document:

  • A business report or a proposal document, ideally 200-300 pages long.
  • It is important that the material is divided clearly and contains chapters or sections, headings and sub headings.

Typical workshop content

  • Introductions and objective setting.
  • Benchmarking and mindset for fast reading.
  • The ‘Speedy Preview’ - how to summarise a book or document in 20 minutes.
  • Speed reading the detail.
  • The principles and rhythms of memory.
  • Memorable notes and additional reading strategies.
  • Debrief and action planning.

Duration, delivery methods and languages available

1 day workshop:

Delivery can be split into multiple days/sessions.

Rapid Reading™ can also be combined with your existing programmes.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Rapid Reading™ can count towards your CPD recognition with leading professional associations and trade organisations. You can normally record your attendance in the 'organised learning' or 'self-learning' sections. Please check with your membership organisation for more information.

Public workshops

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Our most popular workshops are open to all and are ideal for individuals, smaller groups and those reviewing workshops before wider roll out. Delivered in major cities throughout the UK to small groups and online through our virtual learning plaforms.

  • Face-to-face classroom workshops - provide the best in-depth and exercise-packed experience. They are delivered between 9am and 5pm. Our venues are all located close to major public transport hubs. Delegates will receive a printed workbook and peripherals.

    We are determined to work with public workshop venues that provide the safest possible environment – the latest updates to what we are doing in conjunction with our partners can be found at:
  • Virtual learning sessions (0900-1700 UK Time) - highly interactive online modular delivery, using the Zoom platform (free to download and use at You will require access to a PC/Mac/tablet and internet connection, you will require a webcam, speakers/headphones and to enable your microphone, or you can simply dial in on your phone.

    The format will be similar to face-to-face classroom workshops, we always cover a core programme. It is delivered using interactive group learning sessions, lots of practice, group and individual feedback and 1-2-1 trainer coaching. We combine this with screen and document sharing, polls, interactive whiteboards and breakout rooms. Delegates are given access to a downloadable/self-printable workbook and exercises templates. Printed workbooks are available at additional cost. 

You can reserve a place on this workshop at up to £485pp + VAT.

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In-House workshops

In-house training gives you the flexibility to train teams, groups and departments. Reducing delegate travel, training cost (significant saving when compared to our open public workshops) and environmental impact – as we train at your choice of location or online, in the UK or internationally. Options for tailoring content are available.

Prices quoted are based on 12 delegates per event, we can accommodate up to 20 delegates for an additional fee:

  • Face-to-face classroom workshops – delegates receive a printed workbook/materials.
  • Virtual learning sessions – delivered as highly interactive modular sessions using our Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex platforms or your own. Virtual workshops require access to a PC/Mac/tablet and internet connection, a webcam, speakers/headphones and enabled microphone, or attendees can simply dial in on their phone.

The format will be similar to face-to-face classroom workshops, we always cover a core programme. It is delivered using interactive group learning sessions, lots of practice, group and individual feedback and 1-2-1 trainer coaching. We combine this with screen and document sharing, polls, interactive whiteboards and breakout rooms. Delegates receive access to an online workbook/materials that can be viewed online, downloaded to a portable device or printed. Printed workbooks are available at additional cost.

Delegate places are available at up to £330pp + VAT.

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