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Learn Dr Edward de Bono's Techniques

As an authorised distributor and trainer for Edward de Bono Ltd. we guarantee a fully licensed de Bono trainer when you take a workshop with us. Here are the Dr Edward de Bono techniques we deliver:

de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®

Reduce adversarial thinking and encourage clearer, more effective creativity and idea development with Dr Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats®. A globally renowned tool that will change the way your team thinks and communicates - with real effect and impact. With the Six Thinking Hats®, you will learn to: shift your thinking (and others) from negative to positive; and from emotional reactions to facts within seconds.

de Bono's Lateral Thinking

Empower your people to challenge current thinking, solve problems and generate new ideas with Edward de Bono’s business creativity and innovation workshop - Lateral Thinking.

de Bono's Course in Creativity™

Enhance communication skills, generate more creative ideas, reduce conflict, and improve team results with the de Bono Course in Creativity™. It combines two time-tested, results-driven methodologies created by Dr Edward de Bono, the Six Thinking Hats® and Lateral Thinking™.

de Bono's Focus on Facilitation™

 Dr Edward de Bono's Focus on Facilitation will develop expert facilitators, trained to resolve your toughest business challenges and achieve new results. So you can develop employees that can effectively manage team interactions, gaining consensus from groups with no more wasted time or missed opportunities from ineffective meetings.

de Bono's Simplicity™

There are few things more annoying and frustrating in work than dealing with a piece of complex machinery or a cumbersome process which will not do what you need to be done. From complexity comes stress, anxiety and frustration – even rage - followed by apathy and exit. Simplicity tackles issues like this head on and allows you to ‘use the minimum to deliver value’. Available as an in-house course only.

de Bono's Power of Perception™

Develop the techniques required to take broad and inclusive viewpoints; and a series of tools to help create a framework for defining a situation. With improved definition, you will consider consequences before you take action which could prove costly. Available as an in-house course only.

de Bono's Six Value Medals™

You hear it all the time - what is our value proposition? What is our value added? What if you could count on employees to sort options using a commonly understood framework that would increase the value of the organisation at every turn - for customers, employees, stakeholders, the community, and more? Available as an in-house course only.